• "The tables below will provide actual manufacturing, shipping and dealer costs, as well as the range of advertised 'retail pricing'.  Consumers are needlessly paying well in excess of 100% profit margins by 'shopping' on the Internet.  This article will provide the information necessary to reduce prices by 50% - merely by asking."


  • "Wine is very durable.  It's neither blood plasma, nor nitroglycerin.  Any need for a proper storage environment is an issue of time - not price.  Expensive wine, cheap wine, there is no difference - organically or chemically."

  • "The factory doesn't actually build anything.  It's just a warehouse where refrigeration systems designed for meat & produce coolers are receive, re-boxed and shipped out under their private label and a Post Office Box number."

  • "The cabinet design allows unconditioned, ambient, air directly into the enclosure.  While relative humidity is maintained, the resulting condensation eventually wrinkles or even separates labels from the bottles altogether."

  • "These companies are owned and operated by the very same individuals who either:  (1)  went out of business and have now resurfaced (at least once), or (2)  Conduct business under multiple aliases & web sites while claiming to be competitors, or (3)  Offer 'specials', 'sales', 'free shipping' and other promotions - none of which provide consumers any savings, or (4)  Collaborate in 'price integrity' (AKA 'price fixing'), or (5)  Use aliases and shills to post on forums, review products, file complaints with the BBB .... "

  • "Simply the most litigious outfit in the industry's history.  Their record of being sued is only surpassed by their zeal in harassing their own customers, suppliers and competitors by initiating their own frivolous lawsuits."

  • "Over 80% of warranty claims will cost the customer $100's and take months, if ever, to exercise.  Read the fine print & case histories below.  Damage claims among such carriers as any Bekins agency?  You're S.O.L."  


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