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     Oencyclopedia is simply a compendium of information on the wine storage equipment industry.  

The reference material is a product of more than 11 years' of research.  Every owner of  214 companies, past or present, has been interviewed - as have more than 6,000 of their employees and customers.  Dozens of architects, artisans, mechanical engineers and construction professionals have provided insight into their practical experiences.  Vintners, sommeliers, wine critics and collectors have contributed to 100's of pages.

     Behind-the-scenes politics, personalities and gossip are interwoven among candid accounts of what these purveyors actually think and speak about their clientele ... how marketing strategies and language are determined.

     All perspectives, claims and statements have been cross-referenced and triple-checked for accuracy.  Every word printed in Oencyclopedia's 1,200 pages has been verified and documented by multiple sources.  No names have been changed to protect the innocent or guilty.

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There is no question that is not answered within Oencyclopedia.

  • What is the "Plonker List" of customers that companies exchange among themselves?
  • When does any wine actually need specialized storage environments?
  • ​​​Just how accurate are published BTU and insulation ratings?  
  • What is the exact wholesale cost, bare minimum negotiable retail price, of any given product?  
  • How many, which, "companies" are actually owned by the same individuals?
  • Who is actually posting on "customer reviews" and forum web sites?
  • What are a consumer's actual costs and risks with "free" or "discounted" shipping?
  • What is the average lifespan of a product in the marketplace before being replaced by something, "new & improved"?
  • How do "warranties" really work?
  • Which companies' "brands" are merely outsourced 3d World imports:  re-labeled, re-boxed and re-shipped?

​    To paraphrase Lennon & McCartney, "It was 30 years ago today" when a fellow named Ed Munoz (Nordicorp - Vinotheque) created the market and technology for wine storage equipment.  His innovative patents spanned the specialized racking, cabinetry, environmental controls, preservation and dispensing systems that are being built and sold today.  Neither the fundamentals of his designs, nor the laws of physics, have changed over the decades.

     In the pre-Internet days of the early 80's, wine was merely a hobby.  Those with discriminating palates sniffed, swirled and spit while debating the merits of Paul Masson, Blue Nun, Mateus and Beaujolais Nouveau.

     So, Ed loaded his wares into the back of a pick up truck and wandered the countryside, door-to-door, in search of customers.  Unfortunately, as with many visionaries, Ed pretty much sucked as a businessman and he went broke.

     Meanwhile, the folks like Adam Strum (Wine Enthusiast), Bob Orenstein (IWA),  Brad Freeborne (Le Cache), Ron Brown (Breezaire) begged, borrowed or inherited the resources necessary to build a cottage industry into a billion dollar, internecine, (yet symbiotic) nationwide craze.

     OK,  The space and time afforded to this introduction have expired.  A bit more general info is provided on the other web site pages.  Specific, concise articles and answers on the technology, equipment, history or companies related to wine storage are available here by clicking any images on this page or Access Answers & Articles.

     A more comprehensive, "White Paper",  chapter, on any topic can also be requested there.  Just let us know what you want to know.

     Wine snobs,  beer drinkers and tea-totalers will find Oencyclopedia to be interesting, irreverent and funny.  Those actually in the market for wine storage equipment will be more informed than the "experts" and "consultants" with whom they deal.